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Lumina Motion Pictures

I just received a call from one of our brides who we filmed in May. She wanted to know if she could get copies of the photos we took as part of our filming on the wedding day.

Turns out her photographer, to whom she paid thousands for his efforts, had provided only half of the promised photos and the majority of them were blurry or otherwise unacceptable.

She expressed her extreme gratitude that she had decided (at the last minute) to engage our services as our video is the only presentable record of her wedding day.

At Lumina we are working hard to elevate the art of Wedding Videography.

Gone are the days when a handycam and a DVD burner were all you needed to make "wedding videos".

These days a real wedding videographer can provide you with a moving document of your big day that is as emotional, moving, glamourous and artistic as any album of photos. PLUS it has sound and motion.

Pop in your DVD or Blu-ray and relive it all. Hear those vows all over again. See all that glam and glitz as it moves around on screen with a great soundtrack of all your favourite songs.

At Lumina Video strive to provide a cinematic experience that looks as good as your photographs. (Or, in the case of the bride I mentioned at the start of this post... even better.)

And just as Photography forms a vital part of your wedding day, so does video. Take a look.