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Rebecca & Devon

Lumina Motion Pictures

We had a great time with Bec & Devon on Saturday. 

Bec had no attendants so she got ready with the assistance of her good friend Michelle at the King George Square Sebel.  Relaxed and organised she sailed through the morning and arrived 10 minutes early to the ceremony at Albert St Anglican Church just across the road.

The ceremony was a beautiful blend of tradition, respect and love - which shone through as the Bride and Groom spoke their personally written vows to each other, unprompted.

Family and friends came from all over to celebrate with the couple and a sumptuous meal and excellent service was provided by the Citgate/Sebel staff. 

The Bride even gave instructions to the wait staff to ensure that we were both served one of the delicious wedding cake cupcakes.  For this Bec & Devon take home the ‘Couple of the Year’ award from Lumina. :)

We had a great day, as I’m sure all in attendance did.  Have a look for yourselves and please leave a comment if you love it.  We also saw a lot of iPhones on the day so for all the guests who have one we have included a link to download the teaser to your iphone. Just click the download link here.