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If I had to sum up this Mt Tamborine wedding in one word it would be exquisite.

exquisite |ek'skwizit; 'ekskwizit|
extremely beautiful and, typically, delicate : exquisite, jewellike portraits.

  • intensely felt : the most exquisite kind of agony.
  • highly sensitive or discriminating : her exquisite taste in painting

In every definition of the word.  The setting, the guests and especially the bride and groom: extremely beautiful.  The little touches, the dress, the flowers, the way the groom took care of his bride: delicate.  The whole day: intensely felt by all involved.

While the weather was not what one would wish for, it made for a beautiful backdrop with misty trees, puddle-lined roads, and brilliant greens.  All washed clean in honour of this special day.  The bride warmed up to getting a little wet around the edges and photographer, Selena arranged the dress perfectly on brightly coloured towels to keep it dry!

The groom and his family, all stout Collingwood supporters managed to keep their focus on the wedding for most of the day (most... not all!).  The father of the groom surprised us all with a heart felt speech where tears were shed by many.  (You'll have to wait for the Highlight Film to see that part)

One little touch that I have not seen before was a 'Lady-in-Waiting'.  Emmelene had hired Lynda as her lady-in-waiting for the day and what a fantastic job she did.  Lynda was seen pressing dresses and wraps, making tea, wriggling bridesmaids into their dresses, making minor adjustments to the brides gown and generally ensuring all the prepartions went smoothly.  Another exquisite choice by the bride.

Congratulations, Emmelene and Dean.  It was a real pleasure to be part of your wedding day.

Want to see more? View Emm & Deans love story teaser.


Hair: Di's Hair Design
Makeup: Becca Gilmartin
Brides Preparation Venue: Forbes Hall
Lady in Waiting: Lynda
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Tamborine Gardens
Celebrant: Janice Hancock
Photography: Enigma Visions