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Lumina Motion Pictures

If you are a returning visitor to our site you may have noticed some major renovations going on here. We have been quietly revamping our brand to better reflect what we do and hopefully to help educate others on what a wedding film can really be. 

For some time now, we've been wanting to step away from the word 'video' and the unfortunate connotations that come bundled with it. 

We see ourselves as 'storytellers'. Think of your favourite movie. The one in your DVD collection that you watch all the time. What keeps you coming back? It's not the special effects or flashy transitions - it's the story. Characters you connect with who draw you into their adventures.

So to better define this new approach to cinematic storytelling we are proud to reveal our new look, new logo and new name. Lumina Video has become Lumina Motion Pictures. 

We'll have more to say soon but for now enjoy the new look and remember the one thing that hasn't changed is our love for what we do.

If you have a love story, you can trust us to tell it