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Anna & Luke - Our First Same Day Edit

Lumina Motion Pictures

Last night at the wedding of Anna & Luke we presented our first ever Same Day Edit. 

For those that don't know, a Same Day Edit (or SDE for short) is becoming very popular with couples in the USA, Canada and other parts of the globe but is still fairly rare here in Australia. 

The idea behind a SDE is that we film the events of the day as usual but the finished edit is actually presented at the couple's wedding reception. 

With two giant screens and projectors set up at the Maroochydore Events Centre we were able to literally stun the crowd with our presentation of all the behind the scenes shenanigans and fun moments of the day right there while the reception was still happening. 

It really was the event to crown a fantastic day and while the crowd's applause was gratifying, we enjoyed more the looks of delight and tearful joy on the bride and groom. 

Some background on our couple: Anna teaches dance and Luke is a boat builder. Anna's Dad is the pastor of a large church here on the Sunshine Coast. He's also a former chef. So at this wedding you'll see the Pastor making the wedding cake, the Father of the Bride officiating the marriage and the Cake Maker giving the bride away. (Because they're all the same person.)

And since dancing is such a big part of Anna's life we ran this edit right down to the wire so that we could get some final shots in there of the couple's first dance. 

Please enjoy Anna & Luke's Same Day Edit.