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Baby photos in wedding videos.

I'm sure you've seen them. But at Lumina we feel that wedding videos and baby photos go together like chutney and ice-cream. Like sardines and birthday cake. Like "Ti" and "tanic". 

We are sure it was invented by videographers who, with no storytelling ability and no idea how to open a wedding video, needed 'something' at the start of their videos. 

When brides and grooms ask us if we include baby photos the answer is always no - primarily because it does nothing to progress the story.  We understand that the intention of including the baby photos is to provide a link to the couple's past and recognise the journey that they have come on individually and together, but we have something else that does that even better.  

Have a look at our Love Story Films. This is a unique take on a wedding video.  Interviews are filmed of the couple - even friends and family sometimes.  These pre-wedding interviews provide the background and substance of the couples relationship prior to the wedding and even a link to the future life the couple will have together. Weaving those interviews into the wedding day then helps to provide all that background story as the special day unfolds. 


Anyway, back to the baby photos... when we met with Charlie and her parents it was one of the things they asked if we could do.  We gave them our spiel and explained why we don't do it.  Charlie's mum explained that they had it done in their wedding video, all those years ago when it was rare to even have a wedding video and they thought it would be a lovely synergy for them.  We left the consultation saying no... but when Charlie called to book she asked again and I just couldn't say no as I could see how much it meant to her. 

So this just forced us to think outside the box and produce an interesting and creative alternative.  This is what we came up with.  Both Charlie and her mum loved it... we hope you do to.