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Kat & Crispin | The Centre Of My Universe


Hey Kat, finally it's your turn :)

We love it at Lumina when we hear our brides are stalking our blog, checking every update to see what new clips are up and dreaming of the day THEIR teaser will appear.  

Well, Kat is one of those brides :)

Meeting and living in Dubai, Kat and Crispin organised their wedding looong distance. Relying on Kat's Mum and a few trips back to Brisbane to finalise the details.  Hence, we didn't get to meet Kat and Crispin until the week before their wedding, in fact, the day they arrived from Dubai.  When we met Kat said, "I feel like we already know each other" because we had emailed back and forth so much.

Their beautiful vows, the readings, the speeches, all were focused on the theme of "togetherness".  You see, Kat is an airline hostess and Crispin a deep sea diver on oil rigs.  So they are often thousands of kilometres apart both horizontally and vertically!

But their commitment was stronger than the tyranny of distance and the big day finally came when they could cement their togetherness forever.

The girls had a wonderful, relaxed morning at Kat's family home in Samford.  Whilst the boys familiarised themselves with Brisbane, catching a ferry from the city to the church at Kangaroo Point.

It was a beautiful day all round and we look forward to catching up with Kat and Crispin when they move back to sunny Queensland next year.




Groom's Preparation: Oaks Aurora Apartments
Ceremony: St Mary's Anglican Church, Kangaroo Point
Reception: Quay West, Brisbane
Photographer: Michelle Stewart Photography
Flowers: Kate Dawes Flower Design