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Eric & Tara | Family Matters

Lumina Motion Pictures

At last a sunny wedding day!   Often the first thing I do on waking up on a wedding day is check the weather app.  I was so pleased to see the bright sun shinning back at me. Even though the temperature has been steadily dropping over recent evenings, nothing beats a sunny day.

Eric & Tara make a beautiful couple.  They are well matched, obviously in love with each other and both come to their marriage with very strong families ties.  It was clear to us from the start that family is very important to both the bride and the groom and that this wedding was a big deal.  It was not just another event, another party, or the culmination of a relationship for Eric & Tara.  It was the very start of a whole new chapter in their lives. 

The respect that this couple have for all their parents is very evident.  It showed in their choices through out the day.  And I think the respect was mutual.  Both the FOB and FOG beamed with pride to see their respective 'apple of their eye' taking this wonderful step in life.  I also love weddings where the grandparents are honoured.  It was lovely to see Tara's grandfather speak at their reception and the love that filled the room as the guests all cheered.

I hope you enjoy this little teaser and when their highlights film is completed I'll let you see all of that too!



Venue: Albert River Wines
Vocalist: Craig Martin 
Hair and Make Up: Wonderfully crafted by friends.
Photographer: Linda Pasfield