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My Happily Ever After...

Lumina Motion Pictures

Natalie and Stewart were married in December and came to us through friends, Kel & Steve that we had filmed earlier in the year.  Nat desperatly wanted a film made but they were on a strict budget so when we talked with them we offered them a 'Short Wedding Collection'.  The coverage is the same as the Wedding Collection but the finished edit is shorter, approximately 10 minutes in length.  Since then this has become quite a popular collection for couples on a budget or those that only discovered how great a wedding film can be late in the planning process when all their budget is spent!

"10 minutes is not a long time to cover my whole wedding day," I hear you say.  Well it is surprising how much we can cover in that length of time.  As you will see on viewing Nat & Stew's film we have covered the whole day, you can get caught up in the emotion and tension as the preparations are underway, the love, joy and laughter as the couple exchange their vows and their rings, and the pride from Nat's father and step-father as expressed in their speeches. Everything is there, we just work harder to tell the story, to make the point, to let you in.

I encourage you to see for yourself...