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What will be your wedding regret?



As a regular guest blogger on Maleny Montville Wedding Professionals I was thinking recently about what I should blog about.  I just couldn't get past all the brides who don't have their weddings filmed and are disappointed afterwards.  

One of my most favourite memories of my own wedding 12 years ago was the day after at our 'wedding recovery party' (though it wasn't called that back then) after all the presents had been opened and all the cake eaten, most of the guests had left and I sat with my mum, sister, aunts and grandma and we listened to our ceremony on cassette tape. Yep that's right cassette tape.  My daughters don't even know what that is!  We had so much fun listening and laughing and crying.  We were again astonished at how the minister and close family friend had got the order of service so messed up, how I choked on 'obey' in my vows, at the sniffling we could hear as Shane vowed his love to me.  Nothing compares to actually hearing and seeing again those most precious moments.

Oh and in case you are wondering what my wedding regret is... there was a table at the end of the aisle that I saw as I was walking down that didn't have a table cloth on it!  Yes, I know, huge isn't it!

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