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Jen & Rowan | Nuts About Each Other

Lumina Motion Pictures

Back in July we filmed Jen & Rowan's love story where they revealed they were having a Squirrel themed wedding. True to form there was a squirrel topped wedding cake with little cupcakes all around and decorated with acorns, squirrels at every table and much, much more.  

So much in fact that we couldn't possibly fit all that squirrelyness into the teaser so we opted to focus on other things. Specifically the ones mentioned in the uniquely personal vows.  

You see Jen loves shoes and Rowan loves Star Wars.

It was inevitable that these things would be reflected in their wedding day.  

Rowan's groomsmen all had their Stormtrooper cufflinks along with Darth Vader ones for the groom. 

And even though Jen is a girl who always knows what she wants, she couldn't bring herself to choose just one pair of shoes - so instead she wore six pairs over the course of the day. 

After a quick game of putt-putt golf for the boys and then dressing at the Emporium Hotel in the Valley, the couple were off to Mirra where a group of close friends and family heard the couple exchange vows and join together in wedded bliss. 

It was also nice to catch up with another of our couples from way back. Pete and Sarah are good friends of Jen & Rowan's and Pete even played MC for the evening.  

The music for the teaser is "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" by Cake. It's the music they played when they cut the cake. (See what they did there?!) It's also the theme music for the TV series "Chuck". A show we love here at Lumina and one we were delighted to discover is a big favourite of Jen and Rowan's too. 

So here's to Squirrels, Chuck, Old Friends, New Beginnings and most of all the Newlyweds. 

We know for sure that Jen will always love Rowan more than shoes and Rowan will always love Jen more than Star Wars.

May the force be with them!




Preparation Venue: Emporium Hotel
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Mirra
Hair & Make Up: The Powder Room 
Shoes: Louboutin