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What makes your man nervous?


We often ask our couples what they are most excited about when planning their weddings.  Most couples tell us they are most looking forward to that moment when they glimpse each other for the first time after walking down the aisle.  Sometimes if they are right in the throws of planning when we meet with them it's the honeymoon they are looking forward to!

We also ask what it is they are most nervous about.  For the Grooms it is undoubtedly, hands down, no competition, their speech.  This is the part of the day that makes them jittery and nervous.  Sometimes their approach is to have a few drinks to settle those nerves, others say it's no drinks till after!  Whatever the approach we have found time and time again the Groom's speech is one of the biggest highlights of the day.

Even those Groom's who have barely had a say during the wedding planning.  When we meet with our couples we sit down to have some coffee and cake and have a chat about their wedding day, their plans, even how they met.  More often than not the Brides do most of the talking.  In fact, one couple comes to mind where the Bride was so chatty and bubbly that I don't think the Groom said more than a few words.  But when it came his time to stand up and speak about his beautiful bride there came a charisma and confidence that we didn't know was there.

Our advice to any Groom planning their speech is to take the time to think about your Bride, your relationship, your feelings.  Your wedding reception is a beautiful, once in a lifetime opportunity to share how you really feel, to create memories with your new wife that will carry you through the years to come.

Here is a teaser based around the beautiful speech by one of our Grooms, Dean. We've titled it 'Captivating' and it's easy to see why.

Oh, and to any Brides considering giving a speech, I say go for it.  My family and friends still speak about my speech 12 years on!

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