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Balloons, Butterfiles and Blubbering

Lumina Motion Pictures

Let's face it, the wedding ceremony itself is not the first part of the wedding preparation that the bride plans. Even though in actual fact it is the most important part of the day, the dress and the venue and all the little details come first.  

You might even think that the ceremony itself is quite straight forward and that there might not be many options available to you.  Whilst in a traditional religious service that might be true there are many options available to you.  Your celebrant or minister will be able to guide you and most will be open to inclusions of your suggestion.  We find that the most moving ceremonies are those that have had much time and thought put into them.  When family members and friends are invited to take part in special moments during the ceremony it can be most touching and invoke blubbering in even the most stout of your family members.

The vows you make to each other are a special moment just for the two of you.  I encourage you to look at each other when making your vows, not the celebrant! If you think you can manage it, memorise them and speak them from your heart.  Prompting can be provided if necessary.  One thing that we really love and that is a speciality of Bill Scurry one of the Sunshine Coasts top marriage celebrants is the writing of special words to each other.  These are in addition to your vows and allow you the opportunity to share your deepest feelings and some fun moments too.  One of our couples Paul & Kristen vowed to squeeze each others hand when they reached for the other. Another groom promised to persistently try to get his new wife to watch the Star Wars trilogy in full, whilst she vowed that she couldn't promise not to buy any more shoes!

Then there are little ceremonies within the marriage ceremony.  We are still seeing new ones! Just the other week at we had the pleasure of filming Ika and Bob's ceremony that incorporated a 'jumping the broom ceremony' that allowed both mothers of the couple to be involved in a special way.  I particularly like the sand ceremony.  The visual symbolism of the two sands mixing together, never to be separated is one that brings home to me the utmost joining of two people, their souls forever intertwined.

We have also seen the releasing of balloons, doves and butterflies during or after a ceremony.  If accompanied by moving words explaining the symbolism and relationship to your marriage these can be beautiful moments.  Then there is the more traditional lighting of candles, which is a lovely way to show respect and love to the two sets of parents and recognising the starting of a new family unit.

Whatever you decide make sure it reflects the two of you.  If you feel that these 'mini' ceremonies really are a bit silly then don't do them. But if it something that you have always wanted then do it!  When incorporated in a seamless way they can be a moving and special part of your wedding ceremony.

Happy planning!