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Emma + Bruce | A Love Story | House of Laurels

Lumina Motion Pictures

Imagine you met someone socially and felt an instant attraction.

Now imagine that you accidentally excused yourself from the party and left not knowing how to get in touch with them again.

What would you do?

If you were Bruce and Emma you'd move heaven and earth to find each other again.

And once you did you'd make sure nothing stood in your way. You get to that first date no matter what - not even a bout of appendicitis - as in Bruce's case - would stop you.

Emma and Bruce became husband and wife at the quaint House of Laurels situated in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.  Walking down the aisle to the serenade of a string quartet, the sun streamed through the trees and lit the wedding party with a glorious curtain of sunlight.

Joined by family and friends who had travel short and long distances the intmate evening was enjoyed by all.

May your love grow stronger, deeper and more sound each and every day. To Emma + Bruce xx

House of Laurels, Maleny
Kari Sunshine Coast Celebrant
Talitha & James from Artography
Wedding Flowers in Maleny
Cinematography: Shane & Richelle from Lumina Motion Pictures