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Happy Anniversary Tom + Kelly!


One of the perks of our job is receiving emails and letters such as this one...

Happy New Year to you both and hope the Chinese Year of the Dragon will be a happy, prosperous and busy year for you (...but not too busy!)

Singapore is going really well and the time has flown. Would you believe it - we are heading off to Bali for our first wedding anniversary this weekend!  We are amazed that it's almost a year ago that we tied the knot. Of course, we are looking forward to watching our "Love Story" DVD again to re-live the day.  Thank you both so much again for the amazing job you did on the movie.  Every time we watch it we get goosebumps! Our friends and family love it too and think that it is the best wedding video they have seen. We have friends who are getting married back in the UK next year and they hope to find someone to do a wedding video like ours. I don't suppose you guys are planning to open a London office??? ;)  

By the way, thank you for that little notebook that you sent through for Kel. That was very thoughtful of you. She uses it a lot and "why not?" has become a little catch-phrase of ours of late (particularly when picking a fancy hotel in Bali!).

I hope Lumina is going dambusters; judging by the number of new videos on your site it looks like it is.

We wish you all the best for the new year (well, it still "feels" new even if we are in mid-Feb already) and thanks again for letting us enjoy the magic of our wedding day 12 months on!

Kelly & Tom

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