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The Talent Pool | Graham Hobson and the SuperSonic Duo


We know when you are planning your wedding day there are so many things to consider and so many different people need to pitch in and work together to make the day run smoothly.  Most of the time it's fairly easy to choose the friends and family you will ask to do different jobs.  You know them and know how well they will do what you ask and if they will make the vision you had in mind a reality.

It can be a different story when you are engaging the professional services of upwards of 10 companies to make your dreams come true.  While you hope and expect that these professionals will work together in a 'professional' manner, there can often be a question in the back of your mind about how it will all work on the day. One of the ways that you can make sure you get a professional team is to find out who your favourite professionals recommend. Just ask, we all love to talk about the best weddings we've been involved in, what we loved about a wedding or a quality moment when we saw another professional step up to make sure the day was something special.

So this starts a series of blogs about wedding professionals we love. 

To kick this series off (no promises about how often we are going to do this!) we want to introduce you to Graham Hobson Entertainment.

If there was one thing I could change about my own wedding (13 years ago!) it would be to have live music.  I just love the feeling of weddings where there are live musicians, soloists or bands playing.  It creates a real feel-good mood that tops off an amazing day.

The atmosphere is always great at weddings where Graham Hobson is performing.  Having performed at over 800 weddings (he started singing at weddings at age 15!) he has a wealth of experience and knows how to make your day come alive.

Growing up in a musical family, Graham has been performing since he was 5 when he began singing onstage with his dad.  Learning the piano began at age 7 and while practising scales was not his favourite activity by age 15 Graham had decided that a career in music was for him.  Studying classical piano he went on to complete a music degree at university.

Graham Hobson Entertainment provides a number of different acts to suit different wedding styles and budgets.  From Graham as a Soloist, or joined by Tom or Chrissy as the SuperSonic Duo or Trio.  Graham can even pull together a full live band with bass, drums, brass and strings - up to a ten piece band!  The name SuperSonic simply means 'good music' and is a great reflection on having Graham perform at your wedding.

When I asked Graham about his favourite wedding moment his response was, "Sooooo many funny speeches, great cultural experiences (Irish dancing, bagpipes, Greek smashing of plates etc.) and some pretty ‘out-there’ dance moves. One my favourite musical moments was the marriage of two dance teachers a few years back.  For their bridal waltz they did the exact dance  from Dirty Dancing (including the lift!) to “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life”.  Brilliant!"  Wish I was there to film that one!

Graham's top wedding tip to brides and grooms planning their wedding is to choose suppliers who specialise in weddings.  Use their experience and ask for their advice.  All of the best wedding suppliers want your wedding to be just as a special as you do.  So assemble your team of experienced wedding professionals and then on the day you can relax and enjoy the celebration.  ...and book early (especially music ha!ha!).

I would most certainly echo Graham's advice.

I hope you enjoy this short clip of the SuperSonic Duo performing the famous Nat King Cole song, L.O.V.E and definitely recommend you pop over to Graham's site to find out more.

Some of the weddings we have worked with Graham Hobson at include Jacky + Gary | To Infinity and Beyond, Jennifer + Michael | A Thousand Years and Les + Sarina | Winning the Lottery.