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Kate & Paul | Married Among The Flowers

Lumina Motion Pictures

Saturday in Toowoomba was the annual festival of flowers so everywhere we went there was a plethora of bright botanical blooms to colour Kate and Paul's day. 

And what a special day it was, with perfect weather, a beautiful bride and a very handsome groom. No one was keeping their emotions in on such a wonderful day and we saw many tears of joy. Paul choked up in his speech, Kate's Dad looked a little overcome as he walked her down the aisle. Kate's Mum couldn't finish her toast and the bride and all the bridesmaids were completely caught up in the emotions of the day.

We don't think anyone should ever feel embarrassed about shedding tears of happiness. We know we love to see it in our films because they're real moments of joy and that's what we are all about.

So please, take a look at some real moments of joy in Kate and Pauls wedding teaser.

Oh, and special mention to Richard Faulks the photographer who did an excellent job with some fun ideas and great lighting setups. And to Mick Lindsay, for providing live music on the night and the recorded track we set today's teaser to. It was nice of Mick to give us permission to use his track and we hope the big music career kicks off for him.