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The Talent Pool | Harii Bandhu | Crystal Moon - Indigo Water


We have a little treat for you this week.  If you are considering live music at your wedding I would highly recommend it.  Having a band or singer to provide the entertainment at your wedding reception gives a very different feel than a DJ or i-pod music.  It creates an atmosphere. That atmosphere might be cool and relaxed, funky and upbeat or any other combination and it is another way for your uniqueness as a couple to shine through.

At Huong + Kevin's wedding recently we heard a little story repeated a number of times during the day.  Apparently many years ago the Groom's sister had bought him a CD of Harii Bandhu and it became his most favourite and most played CD.

Years later whilst wondering the stalls at Eumundi Markets on the Sunshine Coast, Kevin heard the mellow tunes of Harii Bandhu filtering through the crowd.  So elated to reconnect with Harii, Kevin asked him then and there if he would perform at their wedding.

So here is a short teaser of a song written and performed by Harii Bandhu, who provided an amazing atmosphere for Huong and Kevin's Byron Bay wedding reception.

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