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The Talent Pool | B.Wed Photography


Every now and then it's fun to do something out of your comfort zone. For us, our comfort zone is clearly weddings.  We love everything about weddings, our couples and their stories.

One day out of the blue Bec called enquiring if we would produce a promotional film for her.  She sounded passionate about life, her family and her photography so I thought lets give this a go.

Bec explained that she has been photographing for some time but is now focusing on shooting beautiful weddings as this is where her passion is driving her.  We worked together on her voiceover and shot list wanting it to be relaxed and natural.  Bec wanted her potential clients to get to know her a little before they have even met her.

I've been moved and awed at the beautiful images she is producing and encourage you to take a look.  Your love will shine through her photographs as she captures those intimate and special moments on one of the most amazing days of your life.

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