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Kasey + Michael | Love Flew In The Window | A Maleny Wedding

Lumina Motion Pictures

If you ask Kasey & Michael how they met, they'll have a fascinating story to tell you.
They started out as neighbours and after a rowdy party one night when Kasey yelled at Michael for keeping her up when she was trying to sleep, Michael made amends by writing a poem on a paper plane and throwing it through her bedroom window.

This was a wedding with many stories woven through the day. From the ever present paper planes motif to the little disasters that no wedding is complete without. In this case a bridal car that needed jump starting and emergency zipper repairs on the wedding dress.

The couple, having lived in Western Australia, are big Fremantle Dockers fans and their wedding day coincided with Derby Day. Thus there was a lot of purple everywhere from ties and socks to bridesmaid dresses, hopefully bringing luck to their favourite team. (It must have worked - with the Dockers chalking up a 28 point victory against the West Coast Eagles)

Their marriage celebrant, Bill Scurry, frequently has couples write special words to each other to be read out on the day as a part of their ceremony. Reflecting just how well these two know each other they both finished their special words (which were kept secret from the other) with a vow to love each other "to infinity and beyond". And in Michael's case "back again".

We wish the bride and groom every happiness. We can tell right away that they're a winning team.


Bride & Grooms Preparation: Jacaranda Cottages  
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Weddings at Tiffanys
Hair: Rolling Scissors
Makeup: KJ Artistry
Photography: Danny Dekker - Brides 2nd Cousin
Guest Transport: Mystic Mountain Tours
Celebrant: Bill Scurry
Cinematography: Shane and Richelle from Lumina Motion Pictures