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Alex + Chris | Love Makes the Ride Worthwhile | A Brisbane Wedding


This was one stunning wedding! The bride and groom left no decorative touch untouched.  In keeping with a beautiful 1930's vintage theme (that actually matched the styling of their home as well!) the choice of hotel, car, attire, church, reception and all the decorations along the way were perfect.

Along with this theme was a strong undercurrent of love and respect for each other and their individual heritages now intertwined.

They partook in an old Polish custom to greet the newlyweds with bread and salt when they arrive at the reception, as a kind of blessing for future prosperity.  The bread is to ensure there is always food on the table and the salt is to remind the couple that their relationship may be tested at times. Followed by a toast to health and happiness and the smashing of glasses for luck.

Another beautiful idea that didn't make the cut into our teaser but is worth a mention is a wedding 'time-capsule'.  The night before the wedding the bride and groom wrote a love letter to each other and along with a 2007 Penfolds RWT Shiraz (from the year they met) they encouraged their guests to write a message for the happy couple.  This was then sealed at the end of the night to become their 10th Anniversary gift to each other.  The box was beautifully crafted by the groom's father.

Well, I don't know about you but when this teaser ended I was disappointed... I wanted to see more!

We wish Alex and Chris a life of health, happiness, food on the table and strength when it's needed. xx

Bride's Preparation:
Royal on the Park
Bride's Gown and Accessories: Jenny Packham and Johanna Johnson
Hair & Makeup: Sarah and Sarah from The Powder Room
Ceremony:  Albert St Uniting Church 
Reception: The Brisbane Polo Club
Photography: Shane Shepherd Photography
Personalized Artwork: Alexander & Co
Transport: Kenz Classic