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The Talent Pool | Wayne Wiltshire + Bridegroom Bruce on Bagpipes


This is a fun one!  We have filmed a few weddings over the years where bagpipes have featured in one way or another and they always add a wonderful depth and connection with history to the day.  

For this stunning wedding the groom himself had renewed his love of the bagpipes after having lessons as a child. He was encouraged by his soon to be wife to incorporate them into their day.

After striking up a friendship with their wedding entertainer, Wayne Wiltshire, Bruce decided he would have a go at playing Mull of Kintyre to their wedding guests.  Wayne showed his versatility and fun nature in his supporting role.

We enjoyed the extensive repertoire of Wayne and the Wow Session Band all evening as he provided the ambient dinner music and then got the guests up dancing for the partying part of the night. 

Entertianment: Wayne Wiltshire and the Wow Session Band
Venue: Flaxton Gardens

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