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Trent and Cecilie | Happiness and Love

Lumina Motion Pictures

I often comment on the things a boy (or girl) will do to get the attention of that special someone they are smitten with. 

We’ve had bride who bought her husband-to-be in a charity auction. The ones that move across the country on the chance of romance. And then there’s Trent who devised a clever ploy for Cecilie's attention and launched it via email. 

No need to expain his cunning plan because what is far more interesting is that Cecilie never got that email… and only found out about it a few months before Saturday’s wedding.

It seemed that even though technology let them down Trent and Cecilie were destined to be together anyway.

It was a glorious Spring day at Flaxton Gardens with sun shining and a crisp, cool breeze. Perfect weather for a wedding and as the handsome groom took his blushing Norwegian bride’s hand it seemed to all that this was a day made for them. 

The Groom’s mother had many lovely words to say at the reception and with pride and heartfelt emotion she toasted the newlyweds wishing them all the ‘happiness and love’ in the world.

And that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? That’s why we do those crazy things. Happiness and Love.