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Love Story Films

We all know that a wedding day is the culmination of a couples lives together up to that point.  Often so much time, effort and focus is spent on the wedding day itself that sometimes all that has come before the wedding day becomes out of focus.  A love story film can bring all that back into focus.

This style of wedding film gives the couple and sometimes their close friends and family the opportunity to speak about their love and commitment to each other.  To share how it all started, the excitement they felt as they ventured into a new relationship, how their admiration for each other has grown since they met and what dreams and hopes they have for their future together.

love story interviews

Often called an engagement film or pre-wedding shoot these love story interviews can be produced into a short film or teaser style video that can be shared with family and friends prior to the wedding or kept as a surprise to be premiered during the wedding reception.  These love story interviews are also interwoven through the wedding day footage to produce a beautiful and complete story of the couple's love and relationship up to this point in their lives.

At Lumina Motion Pictures the interwoven love story film is our specialty.  A Love Story Film produced by Lumina captures the essence of your relationship.

There are some fun and unique variations such as the 'Save-the-Date' film and even a Same Day Edit mixed with pre-wedding interviews.  We love to incorporate your ideas and capture the two of you spending time enjoying each other and the activities you love doing together.

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