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Portrait Films

Beauty.  Simplicity.  Love.  Family.

A portrait film from Lumina Motion Pictures captures those moments that pull at your heart strings, that define your life to be kept forever and relieved when needed.

What is life all about anyway?

It's about the little moments.

butterfly kisses
sunday sleep-ins
sand between your toes
the smell of a baby
or fresh cut grass
or fresh linen warm with sunlight

It's about ice cream covered faces
hold hands
sneaking kisses
wrinkly smiles





A portrait film by Lumina captures those moments, your moments.

A Lumina Motion Pictures Portrait film is a unique way to capture life as it happens.  A short portrait film allows the little stories and interactions between loved ones to come to life.

The stories are as endless as moments in a day.  Your love story, your life story, an anniversary story, a new life, an old life, family life. Limited only by your imagination.

Portrait Films start at $1160 and can be a 'day in the life' style or have a developed story line.  Call us on 1300 132 060 to arrange a consultation or complete our contact form.

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